Your nearest exit may be behind you


“Your nearest exit may be behind you,” is an abstract group work choreographed by Winifred Haun, using images of cycles and waves. Ms. Haun spent nearly six months exploring what 7 bodies can do on various levels while intertwining, contracting, expanding, jumping, curving and lifting. Using 4 chairs and the strengths and talents of Company Dancers, “Your nearest exit…” covers the blank performance space and creates an un-literal world. The result is a work that moves audiences without telling a specific story. And its breathtaking to watch.

Your nearest exit… premiered in early 2016, as part of “First Draft: New Dances by Chicago Area Artists” at the Ruth Page Center. Check out this review by Lauren Warnecke of Art Intercepts.

Here’s video of the entire work:

Your nearest may be behind you (premiere) from Winifred Haun on Vimeo.