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  • Winifred Haun

Press on, regardless

Our Winter/Spring 2021 starts on Friday, March 5 at 6:00pm on Facebook Live, when we premiere our latest dance film Press on, regardless. Choreographed and directed by Winifred Haun, and filmed at Links Hall by videographer Sean Rafferty, “Press on, regardless” is a series of short dance film vignettes exploring circular, inverted movement that creates a disorienting but ultimately calming visual journey. Using areas unique to Links Hall, such as the dressing room, the down stage right closet, and the seating area, the dance film will blend solos, duets, and several groups sequences into a 20 minute film.

Sign-up here to get the Facebook Live link about an hour before the premiere.

Or click this link at 6pm on Friday, March 5, and go straight there!



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