Thank you!

Yup. You did it. You helped us reach our Promise 2015 Matching Gift goal and we are so very grateful! Really, really grateful. Thank you for all you did to make this happen, even if all you did was read our eblasts. It was all awesome, and we thank you from the bottom of our bare feet for it!


Special thanks go to:
Young-Kee Kim
Becky Lipton
Julie Cross
Dee Haun
Lisa Friedman
Patti Eylar
Gia Gallegos
John Buenz
Linda Meisel
Mary Burns
Liz Roman
Della Leavitt
Frank Fishella
Kate Wester

Other awesome people who contributed to Promise 2015:
Brenda Rodriguez
Robert Rifkin
Darcy DeWolfe
Ken McCoy
Amy & Joe Lykken
Cynthia Albright
Stephen Parke
Mary Brennan
Enda Hamburger
Sandi Banister
Diane & Matt Johnson
Stephen Wolbers

And last but not least: LaDonna Whitmer, Dennis & Cheralyn Runkle, Donna Cheeks, Gordon Pierce Schmidt, Scott Silberstein, Orion Couling, Laura Teter, Linda Stephens, Diane Crawford, Kathy Neal, Peter & Mollie Elton, Kathy Deane, Ann Filmer, Julie Ballard, Kym Costa, Robyn Davis, Albertossy Espinoza, Anne Karsten, and Heather Overbeck

Thank you, everyone! Your support means a lot to us!

Give to Promise 2015

To fully produce Promise 2015, we needed to raise $10,000 and we’re happy to report that we’ve already raised 80% of our goal. And there’s more good news: to help us finish our goal for Promise 2015, an anonymous donor has given us a Matching Gift. If we can raise $1,000 by April 1, 2015, she will match that amount. Awesome, right? So, if you donate now to Promise 2015, you’ll be doubling your contribution. And you’ll be doubly awesome. Plus, if you contribute $100, we’ll send you a poster of Promise 2015 with all of the dancers signatures on it. Triple awesome. Contribute now.

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For video, photos and more info about Promise, including Heather Marotti’s Promise Journal click here.

Do something special…

Would you like to get a little more involved in Promise? Or maybe you’d like to be a part of something really special, something that inspires people? If so, we’ve got a deal for you: for only $100 you can get 2 tickets to see Promise, a special commemorative gift, and an invitation to have a glass of wine with us before the Saturday night show. Buy tickets now.

So, just to rephrase: buy the $100 ticket and you’ll get to be a part of Promise 2015, you’ll get to see the show, you’ll get a gift and you’ll get a free glass of wine, all at the same time. Yup, that can happen if you buy now.

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