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Our second work for aerial straps, Bemused, premiered on March 23 & 24, 2012 at the Ruth Page Theater as part of “Triptych: 3 Dance Voices.” Bemused is an aerial duet which traces the relationship of a man and his muse or idea. The man is danced by Zada Cheeks and his idea is danced by Katie Graves. The idea starts out as a small inkling, which gets ignored but then eventually, gets the man’s attention. As he gives more of his time and energy over to the idea, she starts to slip away. Winifred Haun choreographed the work in 6 weeks and she was ably assisted by Erika Gilfether Adams, who trained and worked with the dancers in aerial strap technique.

Video currently unavailable.


Bemused premiered in 2012 at the Ruth Page Center for the Arts.  Designed for aerial straps, Bemused is a duet that tells the humorous story of the challenging relationship between a man and his idea/muse.

Photos by Matthew Gregory Hollis.

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