Flash mobs


We do Flash Mobs for all occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, wedding proposals, corporate parties and more. Got an idea? We’d love to help you craft the perfect event. Give us a call at: 773-454-9843 or email: wini@winifredhaun.org and we’ll work with you to create an unforgettable dance experience!

Here’s a sample of our Flash Mobs:

Flash Mob Proposal at Museum of Contemporary Art
This was one of our most favorite Flash Mobs ever!


Flash Mob for a 40th Birthday Party
We can feature *you* in your own Flash Mob, too!


Lady Gaga Flash Mob Proposal
This was one of our most touching and beautiful Flash Mobs, ever. (video by Thomas Mazzulla)
Portions of this video appeared on Nightline and Good Morning America (wow).


Flash Mob 1.1
Here’s our first ever flash mob! We performed this as part of the Milwaukee Ave Arts Festival on Saturday, July 24, 2010, right at Logan Square. As you can see, it was amazing!


What’s a flash mob? A Flash Mob is a free dance event where 10 or more dancers appear in a public space and perform a dance. Want to dance in the next one? Email wini@winifredhaun.org or call 773-454-9843.


“flash mob 1.2 (can I play?)” and “flash mob 1.1” were co-produced by Pleasant Home, Legere Dance Center, Academy of Movement & Music, Visceral Dance Studio, the Cheney Mansion and Voice of the City. “flash mob 1.2 (can i play?)” was part of Artrageous! Oak Park 2010, an annual event that celebrates the arts in Oak Park.