Our Donors

We gratefully acknowledge the following generous individuals and organizations for their support of the Company. Thank you!!


Individuals contributing $500 and above:
Susan & Scott Caudell
Julie Cross
Pam Crutchfield
Darcy DeWolfe and Aaron Rappaport
Patti Eylar
Ginger Farley
Frank Fishella
Lisa Friedman
Gia & Bart Gallegos
Deborah Goodman
Edna Hamburger
Dolores Haun
Young-Kee Kim & Sidney Nagel
Tabatha Koylass
Della Leavitt & Roy Bossen
Ron & Becky Lipton
Joe & Linda Meisel
Newville Family
Stephen Parke
Meghan Premo-Hopkins
Brenda M. Rodriguez
Liz Roman
Rebecca Rossof
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Anonymous 2
Anonymous 3

Corporate Sponsors include:

Wynndalco Enterprises
Community Bank of Oak Park & River Forest
Whole Foods

Individuals contributing $100 and above:
Cynthia & Carl Albright
Molly Allscheid
Adolpho Ariza
Laura Baechle
Lucy Baldwin
Sandi Banister
Marge & Bill Bardeen
Diane Biddinger
John Buenz
Linda Clark
Anastacia Clapper
Kathy Deane
Dawn Dorsey
Peter & Mollie Elton
Ron & Anne Frattare
Deb Goodman
Mary Greco
Christopher Hill
Michael & Debbie Jarvis
Diane & Matt Johnson
Boris & Susan Kayser
Amy & Joe Lykken
Ken McCoy
Robert Rifikn
Heidi Schell
Sharon Schink
Mary Shepherd
Linda Stephens
Laura Trazzo
Michael Turner & family
Lori Upchurch
Kevin Ware
Kate Wester
LaDonna Whitmer
Stephen Wolbers
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Anonymous 2
Anonymous 3
Anonymous 4


Individuals donating $50-99
Lane Alexander, Nancy Backe, Pat Brown, Sue Collins, Orion Couling, Elizabeth Crewe, Robyn Davis, Weston Davis, Monica Diehl, Debbie & Estia Eichten, Doris Fessler, Justyna Frank, Lindsey Frattare, Kristin Glavin, Winifred Godfrey, Joan Grey, John & Signe Jarvis, Scott & Patti Jarvis, Carissa Johnson, Laura Kariotis, Maeve Kerrigan, Anne Koch, Jacki Langum, Helen Lapham, Lizzie Leopold, Elizabeth Luse, Kathy Neal, Penny O’Neil, Heather Overbeck, Margaret Patchel, Linda Gardner Phillips, Lucy Riner, David & Virginia Ritchie, Harriet Ross, Matthew Salsberry, Katy Schwyn, Mary Shepherd, Sarita Smith Childs, Laura Teter, Michael Turner & Family, Julie & Jonathan Whitworth, Randi Woodworth and Nancy Zartman


Individuals donating $10-49
Brett Batterson, Kate Corby, Vicki Crain, Robyn Davis, Monica Diehl, Yvonnie Dubose, Deborah Eichten, Chris Elam, Albertossy Espinoza, Ann Filmer, Lindsey Frattare, Chris Garofalo, Timothy Glisson, Cynthia Gonzalez, Deborah Goodman, Lauren Helfand, Lari Johnston, Laura Kariotis, Anne Kasdorf, Matthew Keefe, Lizzie Leopold, Elizabeth Luse, Michael Mao, Efe McWorter, Molly McGown, Caitlin Negron, Richard Parke, Jordan Reinwald, Lorraine Robinson, Brenda Rodriguez, Shaw Sanders, Wade Schaaf, Gordon Schmidt, Scott Silberstein, Byron Van Jones, and Lauren Whalen

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to Winifred Haun & Dancers, you can click here or send a check to: Winifred Haun & Dancers, 228 S. East Ave., Oak Park, IL 60302. Thank you!

Bemused.Katie.seated swing
Richard H. Driehaus Foundation
John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation
Oak Park/River Forest Community Bank
Illinois Arts Council Agency, a state agency
Oak Park Area Arts Council
MetLife Foundation (New Stages for Dance Initiative)


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In-kind Contributors
Lou Conte Dance Studio
Principle Dance
Molly’s Cupcakes
Dance Dept of University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
Simone Ferro
HMS Media
Cheney Mansion
Academy of Movement & Music
Legere Dance Center
Paul Park Productions
Pleasant Home
Ruth Page Foundation
Voice of the City

Be a donor to dance

We believe in the power of dance to inspire, unite, and uplift our communities. And we believe that the world is a better place when more people are dancing and making dances. Donate now and help us continue bringing dance into our communities.