Circle in the Square: New Works in Dance Theatre will present seven works by seven artists at Historic Pleasant Home in Oak Park, October 20 thru 22. These seven dances have been staged especially for the unique space of Pleasant Home mansion.

Artists presenting work at Pleasant Home will be Chicago Ballet artistic director Paul Abrahamson, Christopher Ellis and Dawn Marie Galtieri of the Arts Alliance, Winifred Haun, artistic director of Winifred Haun & Dancers, Michael Sherman and Niki Wallace of Irreverance Dance and Theater, and independent artists Jyl Fehrenkamp and Lucy Vurusic-Riner.

Christopher Ellis, executive producer and emcee of Vaudeville Underground, will show
“Zero Wun Niner Tango Copy.” “Zero Wun” is a duet that tracks the relationship of a Vietnam-era housewife and fighter-pilot husband from a time of early innocence to later longing and neglect. Mr. Ellis’s re-staged work will be presented in the library.

Dawn Marie Galtieri, founder and artistic director of Arts Alliance, will present a solo, “Woman With(out) Child.” Ms. Galtieri’s re-staged dance features an updated original sound design by Clarence Fraher and will be danced by Winifred Haun. The dance can be viewed in the library.

Winifred Haun & Dancers will premiere a new solo, “Interim.“ Choreographed and danced by Winifred Haun, “Interim” is performed to music by George Crumb and will be performed in the tandem sitting room.

Paul Abrahamson, artistic director of Chicago Ballet, will show excerpts from “The Gift.” Choreographed by Mr. Abrahamson, “The Gift” is set to an original score compiled by the choreographer, and will be seen in the dining room and entryway.

Irreverence Dance + Theatre will present two works: “States of Anguish,” a dance about the evolution of trauma and sadness choreographed by Michael Sherman and “Interplay,” a dance about society’s pull on the individual choreographed by
Niki Wallace.

Jyl Fehrenkamp will present an improvisational duet on the circular porch. Ms. Fehrenkamp, an independent choreographer and dancer, has been a member of the Chicago dance community since 1996.

Lucy Vurusic-Riner’s “Finding Stillness” will be performed in three parts, each in a separate room (the entryway, circular porch and dining room). Ms. Vurusic-Riner’s dance explores stillness and rest in a society that believes in pushing to extreme limits. Ms. Vurusic-Riner is an independent choreographer and dancer.

The mission of Circle in the Square is to present programs of new and re-staged work created by a collective of dance makers and their invited colleagues. The producers aim is to create and hone new work, to inspire multi-arts collaborations, and to make these new works available to the broadest possible audience.

Circle in the Square: New Works in Dance Theatre will be presented Friday and Saturday, October 20 and 21, 2006 at 7:30pm and Sunday, October 22 at 3:00pm at Pleasant Home mansion, 217 S. Home Ave. in Oak Park, IL. Pleasant Home is near the Oak Park Ave. stop on the Green Line. Tickets are $20/general admission,
$15/students and seniors. Group rates are available. For reservations dial 773.782.9471.

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